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Stunts ~

KFX provides a wide variety of stunt services.

Stunts ~ Body Burns * Air Ram * Pneumatic Ratchets * Fly By Wire * Weapons * Precision & Stunt Driving * Car Hits * Desenders * High Falls * Drags * Zip Lines * Fight Scenes * Boats * Helicopters * Rappelling * Stair Falls * Horse Work

Coordination ~ From Film and TV to Theater and Live Events, We provide safe and exciting stunt coordination. Whether you need a bar room brawl or a battle scene, we can do it all.

Equipment ~ We have the latest and best stunt equipment from some of the best names in the stunt industry. Amspec, Deist Safety and Metolius to name a few. Crash pads, Air bags, Harnesses, Air rams, Pneumatic Ratchets, and Mini Tramps are just a few of the wide array of equipment available to create the stunt that your production needs.

Stunt Performers ~ We have numerous qualified stunt personnel to "double" your talent, enhance your background, as well as develop 2nd unit action sequences.