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Special FX ~

KFX provides Special FX for Theater, Outdoor venues, Live shows, Film and Television. No matter what your production needs, we can accomplish anything. From rain and fog to explosions of biblical proportions, we have it all.

Atmospheric Effects ~ Rain * Fog * Wind * Snow * Lightning. The elements are at your disposal!! From a ground creeping fog to an all out blizzard, we can make weather a reality.

Fire ~ Spires * Fireballs * Dancing Flames * Walls of Fire. Whether you need a campfire, bon fire, or a massive fireball to simulate an explosion, KFX's Flame Units are a safe way to make that happen.

Pyrotechnics ~ Bullet Hits * Squibs * Glass Breaks * Car Explosions * Boat Explosions * Structure Explosions * Rockets * Helicopter Explosions Experienced and licensed pyrotechnicians deliver a full range of pyrotechnics safely for your venue or production.

Air FX ~ Barrel Launchers * Air Mortars * Confetti * Debris Mortars. Whether you are looking for a giant ground explosion filled with debris or a confetti storm, KFX can provide many styles of Air FX

Mechanical & Pneumatic FX ~ Air Rams * Ratchets * Descenders. We have a full line of Pneumatic Ram Stunt equipment for moving people or scenery around your set or venue.

Fireworks ~ Indoor * Outdoor. Fireworks can enliven any party, birthday, or convention. Fireworks displays can be as big or as small as you would like, from a 4th of July type celebration, to a small display or indoor decorative show. It can all be coordinated w/ dancers, bands, or choreographed to music. The sky is the limit.