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Firearms ~

KFX is dedicated to providing the highest quality firearms for your production, in the safest manner possible. We are able to provide working film firearms from pistols to bazookas. Our weapons are the actual high quality firearms used by military and law enforcement throughout the world that have been modified by our professional gunsmith for use in the film industry. These weapons have been "pinned and sleeved" so that they may not accept real rounds of ammunition, only blanks. Our firearms will also read better on camera than some "prop guns" as the muzzle flash will come from the muzzle and not a port in the side of the weapon.

Nearly any type of weapon, real or imagined can be obtained with reasonable notice.

We also have dummy weapons available. These hard epoxy firearm copies are completely non-functional and have no moving parts. These are less expensive, and are used whenever the scene calls for action with a firearm that does not include firing or cycling the action. The weight and appearance are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, even in a close up.

Our professional armorers ensure that each and every firearm is handled in a safe and realistic manner. We will provide the crucial hands on training for each performer who handles weapons on set. This training will include all appropriate safety techniques, firing, loading, and on set protocol.