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            Ron Keller started KFX 12 years ago, with the goal of becoming a full service Stunt and Special FX company. Since then we have grown into just that…"one stop shopping" for the action industry. We have coordinated Stunts and Special FX for many Theaters, Outdoor Venues, Live shows, Films and Television Productions. Our commitment is to provide you with the safest and most dynamic Stunts and Special FX.

     Ron Keller has been working in the entertainment business for over 16 years. His extensive Stunt training includes The Society of American Fight Directors, The International Order of the Sword and Pen, and The United Stuntmen's Association, to name a few. His vast Special FX training includes The Joe Blasco Make-up Center, Garden State Fireworks, Orlando Special FX, FX West, and the NRA.

     Ron has worked with many professional theatres, outdoor dramas, and film companies including; History Channel, Fox Network, Action Channel, Hard Rock, Universal Studios, PA Renaissance Faire, Hershey Theater, Zodiac Productions, Tinker Wins Productions, Destiny Horizons, AT&T, Visa, and Onyx. Ron spent 5 years as the principal Special FX and Body Burn instructor at the United Stuntmen's Association, in Seattle WA.


     Ron Fox is a seasoned performer with over a decade of experience in Film, Television, Theatre and Live Shows. His education has included the study of theatre at Florida Atlantic University and focused study curriculum of Shakespeare under Stephen Jenn, Old Vic Theatre, U.K.  He has performed in several renaissance festivals nationally and internationally, in a range of characters as well as, Hamlet and Cyrano de Bergerac, performing the lead in both productions. Ron has shared his knowledge and expertise with others in a variety of classes, seminars, and on many film locations. He brings boundless resources and knowledge as both a classically trained actor and physical stunt performer.  

     His physical training includes a variety of weapons and abilities which serve him well as both a leader and a team player.  His stunt and performance background includes everything from live shows to major motion picture film projects, both here in the US and abroad. In film he has trained and performed with a variety of actors, directors, and stunt coordinators, working and understanding every role from extra to lead.  His stunt coordinating credits include music videos, live shows, and feature films. He can currently be seen performing as one of the stunt drivers at Walt Disney World’s "Lights, Motors, Action!"  showcased at the Disney/Hollywood Studios


     Clay Van Sickle has worked extensively in the entertainment business for more than 13 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre with a specialization in Technical Theatre from Baldwin Wallace College. While at BW he worked as the scene shop foreman where he learned welding and woodworking. He also studied prop building, and Sound and Lighting Design.

     Clay's movement training includes The Society of American Fight Directors, The International Order of the Sword and Pen and The United Stuntmen's Association. This training included High Falls, Car stunts, Burn stunts and extensive combat training. After his initial training, Clay returned to the United Stuntmen's Association as a Journeyman Instructor.

     Clay has worked with many professional theatres including; The Cleveland Play House, The Cleveland Opera, Great Lakes Theatre Festival The Asolo Theatre Company and The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, where he directed fights for their inaugural season.

     Since joining KFX, Clay has put his wide range of skills to use in a variety of positions which range from performing high falls and burn stunts, to work as a Pyrotechnician and Armorer.

      Jonathan Garrett Zech is an up-and-coming Special FX technician and Stunt performer new to the KFX team. He has 8 ˝ years of military experience with three combat tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. He currently works as a Traffic Crash Investigator and holds numerous law enforcement certifications. His knowledge of military and law enforcement skills and tactics is an asset to any action movie.

      In addition to his military and law enforcement training, Jonathan has trained with the United Stuntmen’s Association based in Seattle, WA. His skills include armed and unarmed fights, drags, harness and wire work, high and low falls, police/working dog attacks, precision driving, pyrotechnics, and weaponry. From the air ram to zerk hits, Jonathan is truly the “A to Z” performer.